The return of another 2012 Caliber shows Dodge has a belief in
    continued popularity of this crossover vehicle. This particular style
    is being dubbed a “Compact Wide” version and is likely to be seen in the
    new styling of the PT Cruiser and new Alpha Romeo Giulietta models. In
    fact, with the partnership of Fiat as Chrysler’s new buddy, there will
    be many similarities between the Alpha Series (Fiat as well) and the
    Compact Wides premiering in the U.S. 

    Powertrain - It’s believed a Fiat 1750cc turbocharged engine
    is being considered, which has been known to put out a top scale of 200
    horsepower and 236 foot pounds of torque. This could also be adjusted
    for a future model labeled SRT4. In reality, the 2012 Caliber will
    likely end up with a 2.4 liter four cylinder which still puts out about
    190 horsepower and 175 foot pounds of torque. This can keep the price
    down while still providing satisfying sales results and public interest.

    Competition - The release of the 2010 Caliber is expected to
    start in 2011 as an early 2012 release. It’s believed the redesigned
    Caliber will find itself among the new models of Ford Focus and Chevy
    Cruse when it comes to size. Though with its obvious upgrades and luxury
    appeal, it may be able to compete among the big boys including the new
    Audi A1 and BMW 1 Series. 

    Suspension & Handling - It’s believed an aluminum
    magnesium base will be used for the front and dual-link rear suspension
    systems as well as an 84 percent high and ultra-high strength steel.
    This adds to the safety rating, while still providing a light vehicle
    with good handling. It’s believed all models will be a front wheel drive

    Models - The new Caliber will likely be sold in a four-door
    model, completely different than the two-door offered now. A hatchback
    design may be in the works in an effort to appeal to a younger
    demographic. This could put it in a class to complete with the Kia Soul,
    Scion xB and Nissan Cube. These are all being marketed and sold to a
    younger on-the-go generation. 

    Interior - The interior will likely see the use of Fiat parts,
    which will take the design up a notch to provide a more comfortable
    cab. Though Fiat parts and design may be used, the design will stay
    unique to what’s expected of a Dodge Caliber. 

    While the details of the 2012 Dodge Caliber are still in the works,
    industry experts and reviews believe the Caliber will roll out of the
    factory with a more wedge-like, streamlined appearance and its classic
    “gunsight” grille. The interior will bring a new level of sophistication
    and under the hood will boast a sportier approach that should widen its
    audience appeal. Look for the Caliber to be sold at Dodge and Chrysler
    dealers around the U.S. and compete well with other compact sedan