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    There have been rumors floating around for a while now that
    when Dodge brings back their Durango-sized sport utility vehicle for 2012 that
    it could be called the Dodge Magnum. 
    That name started on a sporty coupe in the 70’s then moved on to the
    popular gangster style station wagon, so I guess that it wouldn’t be all that
    odd for the name to receive yet another form.

    This morning, a variety of sources have shown off drawings
    of what is expected to be that 2012 sport utility, with the pictures depicting sketches
    of the next SUV submitted to the US patent office.  The drawings give us a great look at this new
    Dodge SUV although there is little insight to the details of the 2012 Dodge
    SUV.  Thanks to Mr. M. for sending me the images from the USPTO.

    One interesting feature is the
    large split-spoke wheels that look very similar to those found on the Dodge Ram
    SRT10.  Could these drawings portray the
    newest Dodge SRT model?  The Jeep SRT8
    model with AWD and the 425hp 6.1L Hemi made a splash in the industry and could
    the sharp styling of the Dodge brand bring us another high performance SUV?

    Many sources have speculated that this vehicle will share a
    platform with the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee along with the 280hp 3.6L “Pentastar
    v6″ (aka Phoenix) and 5.7L Hemi although the Hemi in the Jeep advertises just
    360hp.  I cannot imagine that Dodge is
    going to market a vehicle with a 5.7L Hemi that offers only 360 horsepower when
    the Ram with the same engine makes 390 and the ‘car version’ of the 5.7L Hemi
    offers 372hp.  I have also been told by
    one of my Chrysler insiders that current 5.7L “mules” are making over 400
    horsepower so to see this new SUV with a 5.7L Hemi, I would expect similar
    power numbers to the Dodge Ram.

    Click here for more images from the US patent office and the Detroit Autos Examiner!