AJ Allmendinger has announced that he knows what made him
    fail the random drug tests that eventually caused him to be banned from NASCAR
    indefinitely along with being released from Penske Racing.  According to Fox Sports, Allmendinger was out
    with a friend and a group of that person’s friends after going through with a
    handful of sponsor commitments when he mentioned to this friend that he hadn’t been
    sleeping well.  A friend of Allmendinger’s
    friend told the driver of the #22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge Charger that he had a pill that he took for working out that would help.

    Allmendinger took that pill and reportedly gave him some
    additional energy but three days later, AJ was tested under the NASCAR random
    drug testing procedure.  The young driver
    found out the following week before the Daytona race that he had failed the
    drug test but when all he knew what that he tested positive for amphetamines;
    the mystery pill that he had taken that night never crossed his mind.  However, once Allmendinger found out that
    what he was accused of taking per the pair of positive drug tests – he came out
    with the explanation of the guy with the unknown pills. 

    Turns out that he was found to have something similar to Adderall
    in his system…a drug which contains substances banned by NASCAR.  Adderall is prescribed to children and adults
    to fight the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but when the
    pills are taken by those who do not suffer from ADHD, this drug can act as an

    While it sounds very much like an after school special where
    the school’s top jock unknowingly takes a pill that ends up getting him in
    trouble – only to claim that a random person gave him some random pill – you have
    to question AJ Allmendinger’s thought process in taking that pill.  While AJ admits that he knows very little
    about illegal drugs or illicit use of prescription drugs, every driver in the
    NASCAR ranks is subject to the drug testing policy.  A handful of drivers including former Dodge
    driver Jeremy Mayfield have been permanently banned from the sport for failing
    drug tests in the past so it is clear that the governing body takes their drug
    abuse policy very seriously. Based simply on that, you would think that a young
    guy like AJ Allmendinger would realize that he has the world by the tail…living
    the dream of being a profession race car driver…before taking a random pill.

    That indiscretion has possibly caused AJ Allmendinger his
    NASCAR career.  The driver is currently
    planning to undergo the NASCAR Road to Recovery program that could help him get
    reinstated but since being fired by Penske Racing, he will also have to find a
    team once he is approved by NASCAR to race again.