ram ad screeenshot.jpgThe Halftime in America television ad featuring Clint
    Eastwood that ran during the Super Bowl struck a chord with American viewers,
    quickly becoming among the most popular commercials from the NFL’s big
    game.  Now, the Chrysler Group has
    released the next stage of that campaign titled the Second Half in America –
    showing Chrysler vehicles being enjoyed by Americans who have recovered from
    tough times similar to those felt by the Chrysler Group brands.

    Second Half in America is a set of four, 1-minute commercials;
    each of which focuses on one of the four Chrysler Group brands excluding
    Fiat.  Each of these commercials tells
    the tale of an American who has overcome some sort of personal adversity
    ranging from a dad returning home from serving overseas in the armed forces to
    spend time in his Challenger R/T with his son to a guy named Tommy who used his
    Ram Heavy Duty to help make ends meet during tough financial times with a
    voiceover done by Tommy’s appreciative wife. 
    The other two commercials feature a dad showing his pride in his
    Chrysler 300-driving son and a young girl who is enjoying a ride in the new
    Jeep Liberty while facing the hardships of moving to a new area.

    These commercials are intended less to feature the vehicle,
    instead focusing on the strength of the individuals featured in these
    commercials; comparing the problems of these individuals and how they have
    worked to overcome them to the problems faced by the Chrysler Group’s problems
    over the past four years and what has been a long, hard road for the country as
    a whole.

    These commercials will make their debut during some high
    profile events this weekend including the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, NHL
    game broadcasts, the weekend’s NASCAR events, the American Country Music
    Awards, and a variety of other primetime programs including the hit show Mad

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    commercials ahead of their television debuts this week!