CH_Griswold_Main_Entrance.jpgThis morning the Chrysler Group announced a new move to show
    their support for the city of Detroit with the renaming of the old Dime
    Building as the new Chrysler House.  The
    Chrysler House will soon serve as the new home of the Great Lakes Business
    Center and with the 70 employees who will work at the new Chrysler offices in
    downtown Detroit will be CEO Sergio Marchionne – who will have a new office and
    a private conference room in the new facility.

    The Chrysler Group has long been questioned by critics for
    their claims of being a “Detroit automaker” even though their headquarters are
    in Auburn Hills Michigan.  Chrysler is
    the only automaker to have two production facilities in the city of Detroit
    (Jefferson North – home of the Durango and Grand Cherokee/ Conner Ave – Home of
    the mighty Viper) but with the announcement that they will have a 33,000 square
    foot office space in downtown Detroit, Chrysler stakes its claim as a true
    Detroit automaker.

    In addition to the building at 719 Griswold Street in
    Detroit having its name changed from the Dime Building to the Chrysler House,
    the Chrysler Group offices will occupy the top two floors of the uniquely
    shaped 23-floor tower in the Motor City. 
    The company expects to have the business offices moved into their new
    facility by the end of summer – which is pretty vague – but the important part
    of this article is that the Chrysler Group continues to strengthen its position
    in Detroit as the Motor City works to regain the glory of yesteryear.