IMG_3083.JPGDealerships around the country have been receiving their
    very first 2013 Dodge Dart over the past two weeks with these dealers picking
    them up and driving them home from “drive away” events all around the US. 

    Why would they put all of the miles on these
    Darts rather than trucking them to dealerships like other vehicles? 

    Well, these initial units are intended to be
    dealership demonstration models that will give consumers a chance to come check
    out the car in person before the full wave of production models hits sometime
    next month.  These drive away events also
    give at least one person in that given dealership a chance to log real miles on
    the car with no real concern over mileage because these are demo cars – they are
    there to rack up miles.

    However, in speaking with several consumers around the
    country who attempted to experience the 2013 Dodge Dart at their local
    dealership, they were told that the one Dart received had already been sold and
    the new owner (understandably) asked that it not be used for further
    demonstration work.  This is great as in
    the booming auto industry, all sales are good sales but with rumors indicating
    that it could be more than a month until some dealerships get their hands on
    more new Dart sedans – could it hurt the sales of the Dart in some areas where
    the new compact sedans are harder to get a hold of…or even see in person?

    Hopefully, the Chrysler Group recognizes the early
    popularity of the 2013 Dodge Dart and hurries these new sedans to dealerships
    around the country.  The Dart enters the
    hectic C segment class with some of the heaviest hitters in the American auto
    industry so a lengthy rollout could cost Dodge a few sales to a competitor who
    does have cars sitting on the lot.