When Dodge made its triumphant return to “stock car racing”,
    they did so in the then-brand new Craftsman Truck Series.  Their sleek Dodge Ram helped boost the
    popularity of the series among Mopar faithful who had been without Dodge in
    stock car racing since it left NASCAR in the early 80s.  The Ram proved to be a worthy competitor with
    many race and championship wins, and the early truck series days helped to pave
    the way for the current NASCAR lineup.

     However, as the years have gone on, Dodge become less and
    less successful with their factory backed teams as Ford and Chevy made
    improvements and with the new pressure from Toyota, the number of Dodge trucks in the
    series dropped dramatically.  It came as
    some surprise to see that when the current truck series season began, Dodge had
    only one factory backed team, leaving many to wonder what the future would hold
    for the Ram in the series.  Turns out,
    the future is dark as Dodge has announced that there would be no continued
    factory support following this season. 

     This has to make you wonder what could be coming up for the
    NASCAR entries, as they have not been terribly successful compared to the other
    manufacturers in the past few seasons, but sources at Dodge insist that the
    truck decision has nothing to do with plans for the cars.