1970-dodge-challenger-2.jpgby Patrick Rall

    Mr. Dana Mecum’s collector’s vehicle auctions have changed how Americans buy classic cars and as the 2011 Daytime Auction opens in Monterey California, some gorgeous Dodge muscle cars with big horsepower will give Mopar lovers a reason to bid as they roll across the Mecum auction block.  Mecum auctions are some of the premier automotive events in the world, with amazing stock and custom vehicles from the dawn of the automotive age to present, representing every imaginable automaker – and they’re all available for sale to the highest bidder. Follow the jump to see some of the beautiful Dodge muscle cars available at this weekend’s event.

    1968-Dodge-Charger-RT.jpg4. 1968 Dodge Charger R/T – Lot #S189

    1968 Dodge Charger introduced the body styling that would allow this
    brawny Mopar muscle car to explode in popularity, and the R/T trimline
    was “the” model to have in 1968.  The return of the Charger nameplate
    (albeit as a sedan) helped to thrust the Charger back into the
    performance limelight and once again, the R/T trimline has become an
    affordable performance package.  This gorgeous ’68 Charger R/T combines
    the classic charger look with the drivetrain of the modern Dodge Charger
    R/T, packing 360 horsepower via a lightly modified 5.7L Hemi V8. 
    Inside, late model Mopar gauges give the classic muscle car a modern
    look, accented by the classy suede interior appointments.


    3. 1972 Dodge Challenger Convertible – Lot #F178

    are classic cars and then there are classic cars built specifically for
    classic television programs. This 1972 Challenger Convertible is
    just about as rare as they get, as it was 1 of 2 produced for the TV
    show The Mod Squad.  Wearing a stunning gold paint job with black trim
    and a black convertible top, this Challenger offers enthusiasts a chance
    to own a rare piece of automotive/television history.


    2. 2004 Dodge Viper SRT/10 Convertible – Lot #F207

    automotive world collectively holds their breath for the next Dodge
    due out in the summer of 2012, the Mecum auction offers a chance
    to buy one of the older, 505 horsepower versions with this 2004 Viper
    SRT10.  As the most powerful American production vehicle when
    introduced, the Viper had one nasty reputation that lives on today, even
    though the car is currently out of production.


    1. 1970 Dodge Challenger – Lot #F215

    Dodge Challenger has become Dodge’s heavy hitting performance car since
    the Viper met its brief period of hibernation, but in 1970, the very
    first Challenger hit American roads.  While the 426 cubic inch Hemi has
    become the most valuable of the vintage Challenger models, the 440
    “6-pack” offered comparable performance, and this original 440 6-pack car
    is a gorgeous, restored example of the car that put Dodge onto the Pony
    car map.

    If you don’t live nearby or can’t get to Monterey for
    the 2011 Mecum Daytime Auction, you can check out Discovery HD Theater
    for LIVE coverage on Thursday from 3-7 PM, Friday from 1-5 PM and
    Saturday from 1-5 PM.

    Which classic Dodge would you have to bid on if you saw it come across the auction block in mint condition? Voice your opinion here!