3 dodge darts togerher.JPGThe Chrysler Group expects that the 2013 Dodge Dart is going
    to be a hot seller when it arrives in the next few weeks and in an effort to
    meet the early demand, the company is tasked with coming up with a means to
    decide how many units of the sporty sedan each dealership will get.  While the Chrysler Group hasn’t offered any
    official information as to how they will divvy up the first production Dart
    sedans, some dealerships have told Automotive News that the allocation process
    is partially based on how well the dealerships in question sold the Dodge

    It might come as a shock (and a disappointing one to some)
    that the sales volume of the slow-selling Dodge Caliber would have an impact on
    which dealers get early Dodge Dart units but it makes good sense. 

    Those dealerships which were able to sell the highest
    numbers of Caliber hatchbacks are obviously in areas where compact cars sell
    better and the Dodge Dart is shuffling itself into the slot formerly held by
    the Caliber.  Aside from these most successful
    dealerships being in areas where compact cars are more popular, some of the
    dealerships around the country who sold the most Calibers were often just plain
    massive dealerships that move lots of product. 
    In either case, it makes perfect sense that in the early days of 2013
    Dart sales when demand will likely exceed the rate of supply, those dealerships
    that stand to have the greatest demand will also have the most cars on the lots
    to sell.

    Unfortunately for those hopeful 2013 Dodge Dart owners who live in areas with a Dodge dealership that sold few Dodge Calibers, it might be even harder than you expected to get your hands on a new Dart when they first hit showrooms sometime next month (hopefully).

    The first examples of the 2013 Dodge Dart sedan left Texas
    Motor Speedway last week en route to their new homes at dealerships around the southwestern
    United States.  The Chrysler Group has
    also announced that a similar drive away event will take place in the Metro
    Detroit area this week for the northern Midwest regions of the US.

    Underneath a libel washes the motorway.