• Dodge Hornet rumors return



    2006 dodge hornet.jpg

    According to a recent report by the Automotive News, a Dodge
    Hornet is once again in the works and this new subcompact model could arrive in
    time for the 2014 model year.  This new
    subcompact would be based heavily on Fiat architecture with a Fiat derived
    drivetrain – taking aim at the more popular subcompacts in the US market
    including the Ford Fiesta and the Chevy Sonic.

    Absolutely nothing is known about the 2014 Dodge Hornet shy
    of the fact that it will be a subcompact model based on a Fiat chassis.  Fiat has had massive success in the European
    market with subcompact models and considering how well Chrysler and Fiat have
    been able to work together to convert a European chassis into a proper American
    model (like the 2013 Dodge Dart), the new Hornet could prove to be a great
    addition to the Dodge lineup. 

    We can expect the 2014 Dodge Hornet to be slightly larger
    than the Fiat 500 but smaller than the Dodge Dart, leaving room for both of
    those vehicles in the market without intra-brand competition.  The Hornet will likely share drivetrain
    options with the Fiat 500, meaning that there could be both naturally aspirated
    and turbocharged engine options for the new subcompact.  Unfortunately, I would be incredibly
    surprised to see the actual production version of the 2014 Dodge Hornet
    resemble the 2006 Dodge Hornet Concept (shown above) in anyway.  That concept was a cool little hatchback
    based on a Jeep platform but should this new Hornet rumor come to volition – it
    will likely share very little with the 2006 concept.

    One interesting area where the 2014 Dodge Hornet could be
    similar to the 2006 Dodge Hornet Concept is in the output, as the 2006 concept
    was powered by a 170 horsepower supercharged 4-cylinder engine measuring 1.6
    liters.  This combination would have
    allowed the hatchback impressive performance but, more importantly, great fuel
    economy.  It just so happens that the
    turbocharged Fiat 500 Abarth engine offers similar power to the concept engine
    and we know that the boosted 1.4L Fiat motor is capable of hitting 40mpg in the
    right configuration.

    Should the Dodge Hornet arrive for the 2014 model year, we
    should be seeing it soon.  As we head
    into the auto show season, perhaps the new Dodge Hornet will be among those
    vehicles making a big debut in LA or Detroit.

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