expectant mothers.jpg

    The German government has found that in the past few years,
    the birth rate has gradually decreased, so in an odd twist Dodge has decided to
    offer special incentives to expecting mothers. 
    So, in short, pregnant women in Germany will be rewarded by having
    nine months of deferred payments with no penalty, provided that the women can
    prove that they are pregnant.  What the
    “proof” can be is vague, as we don’t expect salesmen to be handing out
    do-it-yourself pregnancy tests when women walk in, but its assumed that a note
    from the obstetrician will suffice for interested, pregnant buyers.


    While this is not likely to help with the birth rate in Germany, this
    could offer those who are expecting a chance to get into a brand new Dodge
    without spending money during a time where money is especially tight.  This could help Dodge, who like other US
    domestic automakers is experiencing some tough times, but we don’t expect women
    to run out and get pregnant in a hurry just to save a few bucks and push back
    payments on a new Dodge, but in the end, it couldn’t hurt Dodge or the German
    birth rate to have this new promotion, and it gives some people that warm fuzzy
    feeling that Dodge cares enough to lend a hand.