Edge Products, a company known for consistently raising the bar on automotive programming and tuning, continues the trend of quality and innovation with a version 3.0 software update for their popular CS and CTS platform. The version 3.0 update adds several new features and benefits to Edge’s Juice with Attitude, Evolution, and Insight CS/CTS line of products.

    One feature of note in the 3.0 update is Edge’s new Mileage
    Coach Software that monitors driving habits and helps users get optimal
    fuel economy out of their driving experience. Powerteq President Dave
    Martinez was quoted as saying: “While we can’t control the price at the
    gas pump, finding a way to help drivers with fuel economy is always a
    priority at Edge Products. If we can alleviate some of those costs by
    helping people better gauge and conserve fuel, we feel it will be of
    great value to our customers.”

    Version 3.0 also touts a multitude
    of advanced PID support including but not limited to: Dodge Gas/Diesel
    Trucks, Jeeps, Ford 6.0L & 7.3L Diesels, 2011 Ford 6.7L, GM LML
    Diesels, and additional PIDs for Insight vehicles. Owners of 2009-10
    Ford F-150’s will see an improved customized driving experience with the
    addition of transmission tuning to refine shift points. Other CS and
    CTS features have been upgraded and improved with 3.0 including a
    feature to allow Edge’s backup camera to engage at start-up.

    3.0 is available at no cost to all Edge CS and CTS product owners and
    can be updated via Edge’s Fusion software system. The technical team at
    Edge highly recommends users upgrade their products to the current 3.0
    version for the best driving experience.

    Edge Products is a brand
    of Powerteq, an MSDP Company, and manufactures a full line of plug-in
    modules, programmers, and in-cab controllers for all popular late-model
    domestic trucks, and SUVs. For more information, contact Edge Products,
    1080 S. Depot Dr., Ogden, UT 84404; call 888-360-3343 or, 801-476-3343;
    fax 801-476-3348; or visit www.edgeproducts.com.