When trying to decide between diesel vs gasoline engines,
    there are two main factors to take into consideration: fuel efficiency
    and performance. It’s easily thought that greater fuel efficiency equals
    suffering performance and that diesels equal great performance with
    terrible fuel efficiency. There are developments going on that are
    changing those stigma’s to offer both performance and fuel efficiency,
    even in diesels.

    Fuel Economy in Gas Engines

    Gasoline is cheaper than diesel across most of the U.S. Because of
    exhaust design, the gas engine also releases less NOx into the air,
    making them “greener” than diesel engines. Generally the higher the
    performance, the lower the gas mileage. This is due to the use of more
    powerful engines.

    Fuel Economy in Diesel Engines

    Diesel engines get better MPGs than gas engines, which is part of
    their popularity. It pushes fuel through at a higher rate of pressure,
    which gets the vehicle down the road further, but in doing so also
    releases about 13 percent more CO2 than gas engines. A diesel engine can
    run bio-diesel without any modifications to the engine, often giving an
    option that burns cheaper and may improve mileage depending on driving

    Performance in Gas Engines

    Performance is a relative term considering all the after market
    upgrades people do. Gasoline comes in a variety of mixes, which offer
    higher quality fuel with additives to help your engine run and perform
    better. This is one way to help your gas engine perform better. Many
    vehicles offer sport versions of the models available, giving you better
    performance right off the lot. 

    Performance in Diesel Engines

    Diesel engines are known for their heavy duty performance and often
    preferred in work trucks and other heavy equipment. Diesel engines are
    also built to idle longer than gas engines, which brings a different
    level of performance to them. Most heavy duty vehicle manufacturers
    promote and offer turbo options stock, making a diesel engine more

    What It All Means

    It all depends on what you’re looking for. A diesel can provide good
    fuel economy and a higher level of performance, but if you just don’t
    want to deal with the pollution factor and potentially higher fuel
    costs, a gas engine might be right for you. A gas engine is often
    available in economical versions and many models offer sport editions
    with better performance engine packages. Consider the performance you
    need, the driving conditions you’ll face on a daily basis and how you
    plan to use your vehicle before making a choice. This will help you
    determine if you want the power of a diesel with the fuel economy they
    offer, or if you’re looking for the ultimate sport performance package
    with multiple fuel options.

    Regardless of what you’re looking for in the way of fuel economy and
    performance, there are more options out there than you think. Take the
    time to consider diesel vs. gasoline engines to make sure you choose the
    right one for your lifestyle, vehicle needs, budget and fuel