pink jeep ram.jpg

    Residents of the Sedona or Las Vegas, as well as area tourists, have
    been privy to the Pink Jeeps Tour company for almost 50 years.  These small group tours give passengers the
    opportunity to travel through some of the most beautiful landscapes the American
    southwest has to offer, all while riding in the comfort of a modified,
    stretched Jeep Wrangler.  However, the
    Pink Jeep Tours is now featuring their new Pink Jeep Dodge Ram.  The problem with the Jeeps was that they only
    carry 6 people, and the heat of the desert can not only be uncomfortable, but
    there is also the issue of people with health issues during these sometimes
    lengthy tours.  The 6.7L Cummins diesel
    powered Dodge Ram 3500 has been lifted and fitted with a luxury interior
    featuring reclining leather captains chairs, climate control, and 15 inch LCD
    screens and DVD players.

    This new tour vehicle allows for more comfort than the
    Jeeps, but it is Pink Jeep Tours, not Pink Ram Tours, so with the permission of
    the good people at Chrysler, along with the large passengers box added to the
    back, the 3500s also feature a modified 7-slot Jeep grille and, of course,
    Satin Pink paint.


    So, if you are interested in seeing legendary aresights like
    the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam in the
    luxury of a jacked up, bright pink Dodge Ram 3500, Pink Jeep Tours has you
    covered, with a starting price around $125.00 for adults and $110.00 for