Creating a DodgeForum.com Photo Gallery is free and easy.  Just follow these simple steps!

    Step 1: From the forum main page, click one of the Photo Gallery links, circled in red here
    Thumbnail image for gallery1.JPG

    Step 2: In the new screen, you will click the “Add Album” button, circled in red here:
    Thumbnail image for gallery2.JPG
    Step 3: In the new screen, begin by entering the title for your gallery (Red
    1), then any description (Red 2), then continue down and click Submit
    (Red 3).
    Thumbnail image for gallery3.JPG
    Step 4: In the new screen, click one of the upload pictures buttons, circled in red here:
    Thumbnail image for gallery4.JPG
    Step 5: In the new Screen, begin by clicking on the browse button (Red 1)
    and selecting the image that you want to upload.  Then scroll down to
    the upload pictures button (Red 2) and click.
    Thumbnail image for gallery5.JPG
    Step 6: In the new screen, you will have a text box (Red 1) for whatever
    pictures you have selected, and once you have entered the desired name,
    scroll down and click the Save Changes box (Red 2).
    Thumbnail image for gallery6.JPG
    Step 7: You’re Done!  The finished screen will show the points to click to continue uploading more pictures.
    Thumbnail image for gallery7.JPG