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    It has been decades since Hurst
    had a dressed up model for Mopar enthusiasts, being more popular with the
    General Motors crowd in the 80s and 90s, but with a recent announcement and a
    handful of renderings Hurst
    has showed strong backing for the highly anticipated new Dodge Challenger.  Aftermarket companies like Hennessey have
    been quick to show off high dollar, modified Challengers, but the Hurst models will likely
    be more pocketbook friendly, but will still pack a punch.

    Details have been sketchy so far, but it has been announced
    that there will be four trimlines offered for the Hurst/Hemi Challenger, with
    additions ranging from the gold exterior stripes to a supercharger setup that
    will offer 500+ horsepower.  A few things
    that we surely expect to see is the familiar Hurst
    pistolgrip shifter that has become synonymous with the Hurst
    name, as well as the large 5-spoke wheels, finished in gold and silver, shown
    in the pictures released by Hurst.  The car is sure to come in black and white,
    with the huge gold stripes, as well as the Hurst logo in the grille and on the front
    fenders, and you would imagine that a few special edtion emblems would find
    their way into the interior as well. 

    We hope to have more details soon, but at worst case we will
    get a full rundown of the Hurst Challenger features at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in early