Michelin Presents Wallpaper Wednesday: Chrysler Firepower Concept

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Michelin Presents Wallpaper Wednesday: 2015 Challenger at NYIAS

Yesterday, Fiat Chrysler announced a whole bunch of stuff. And amid the exciting stuff and the totally obvious stuff and the unclear stuff, there was some genuinely earth-shattering news—the Dodge Grand Caravan is getting the ax.

Now, as violently unsexy as the Grand Caravan may have been, it paid some serious benefits to the Mopar faithful. The chief benefit, of course, being the very existence of the company which would go on to create the Viper, the Magnum, the reborn Charger and Challenger and everything else since the beginning of the ’80s.  Because the humble people mover, with its segment-inventing, family-friendly environs did no less than save its manufacturer from financial disaster. So I wanted to pay so respect to the Caravan with this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday selection.

But yikes. Try finding a high-res pic.

So instead, I grabbed this lovely shot of the Chrysler Firepower Concept, a kind of GT-esque take on the truly bonkers ME Four-Twelve supercar. Click on the picture above for a sans-logo, desktop-ready version!

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