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    According to comments from Chrysler’s CEO, several companies
    have expressed interest in taking up the production of the nasty snake in the
    wake of Chrysler’s comments that it would be discontinued soon due to slumping

    Over the past two years, the skyrocketing gas prices and
    slumping economic market have slowed the sales of performance cars, and
    considering the low sales volume of the Viper even a few years ago, the
    announcement that the Viper may not return was not a huge surprise although it
    was a huge disappointment to Dodge enthusiasts. 

    One of the most powerful cars made in the US, the Viper dominated its market
    for years starting in 1992, but another factor bringing about a cease to the
    Viper is the introduction of the new Corvette Z06 and the ultra high
    performance ZR-1 model.  Both of these
    Corvettes have turned out similar-to-better performance numbers, but the Z06
    did so at a price quite a bit lower than the Viper.

    Chrysler has stated that they may not necessarily kill off
    the Viper though, as there are allegedly several groups interested in the
    purchase of the Viper name.  We do not
    know from these comments if these groups are aftermarket tuner, an investment
    group, or even other manufacturers, but there is no sign as to whether it would
    still wear the Dodge nameplate, or even the Viper name.  As of August 2008, Chrysler had only stated
    that they were willing to entertain offers, but no other concrete information
    has been given.  Hopefully the upcoming
    show season will unlock some of the mysteries of the future of the fabled Dodge