MO011_037DG.jpgby Patrick Rall

    The supercar world has been short of a major player since the legendary Dodge Viper saw its production come to an end last year, but thanks to some spyshots of some Viper test mules captured recently, we have some Viper news to discuss.  Dodge has been especially tight lipped regarding what to expect from the 2013 Dodge Viper set to debut in the spring or summer of 2012. explaining only that the next Viper will benefit from driving aides like an advanced stability and traction control system that should not only make the 2013 Viper easier to drive – but also a better performer.

    Most recently, spyshots
    have surfaced of Dodge Viper “test mules”, with side and rear end
    designs taken from the previous generation, but under the heavily masked
    front end, these shots offer the first scant look at the 2013 Viper. 
    The headlights look to be much sharper, angling hard along the edge of
    the hood as they flow down into the front fascia.  That front fascia
    looks to feature the familiar crosshair grille design, but where the
    previous Vipers had a smooth, molded crosshair, the 2013 Viper mule
    carries a split spoke design with egg crate filler behind the distinct
    Dodge grille.

    Under the leather cladding, the 2013 Viper looks to have higher, bulging
    fenders with the similar bulge to the hood – presumably making room for
    a higher rising high horsepower engine tucked underneath.  Based on the
    location of the air mesh on the camouflage, it looks as though the 2013
    Viper mule has air vents located low on the hood, near the headlights,
    with a central opening that is most likely the air intake port seen in
    previous Vipers.  Then again, those pieces of air mesh could just be
    there to throw us off.

    Unfortunately, we still don’t know if the 2013 Dodge Viper will draw its
    power from a new version of the V10 that has been under the hood since
    it debuted in the early 1990s or if it will go a different direction. 
    Rumors suggest that new cousin company Ferrari would have some input
    into the development of the 2013 Viper, but that doesn’t offer much
    insight into whether it will pack Dodge or Ferrari power.  What we do
    know is that the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 has turned up the heat in the
    American supercar segment and we can bet that Dodge isn’t going to
    release a new Viper that can’t run circles around the cross-town

    So, how do you think the 2013 Viper is shaping up? What does Dodge have to do to beat the ZR1? Voice your opinion here!