With the 2008 SEMA Show just weeks away now, rumors are
    soaring about what we will and might see at the largest automotive aftermarket
    show in the world.  One thing is for sure
    from these rumors, the Dodge Challenger will likely be “the car” to show across
    the floor, and long-time Mopar legend Mr. Norm has announced that there will be
    two of the new Challenger at the show from his shop, featuring not only
    stunning appearance upgrades, but some nasty tuning efforts.  Like the Mr. Norm cars of old, like the Grand
    Spaulding Sport Dodge Demon with packed a Paxton supercharged 340, the new
    models will make big power with a supercharger. 
    (Shown in photos)


    The first, Mr. Norm’s Super Challenger, will pack the 6.1L
    Hemi found in the SRT8 variants, and with the help of forced induction, it will
    pack somewhere in the area of 900 horsepower, and there will be upgraded
    brakes, suspension, and tires to help this Super Challenger handle the
    competition in any racing venue, from the road course to the drag strip.

    The second car, the Mr. Norms Super Cuda, will offer a very
    similar (if not the same) drivetrain. 
    However, where the Challenger receives some aesthetic upgrades to help
    it stand out, the Super Cuda will call on the looks of the 1971 Plymouth
    Hemicuda, as well as some of the options of the 1970 AAR Cuda, all added to a
    new Dodge Challenger to essentially create this new model.  Since the Challenger was debuted as a
    concept, people have been hoping (and in some cases, praying) for a new Cuda,
    and Mopar displayed a one-off Cuda at the 2007 SEMA Show built by a private
    owner, but this Super Cuda could help bring back the car that helped cement
    Plymouth in the record books.


    While the only images released by Mr. Norm thus far are
    sketches, you can be sure that DodgeForum.com will be quick to bring you actual
    pictures and full details of the Super Challenger and Super Cuda from the SEMA

    Stay tuned for more information upon the debut in Las Vegas from DodgeForum.com, your source for SEMA 2008 event coverage!!

    mr norm gss 72 demon.JPG