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    Since the modern Dodge Challenger debuted alongside the
    Dodge Magnum Dodge Charger, Mopar lovers have been cutting holes in their hood
    to make room for a modern take on the vintage “Shaker” hood design.  The Shaker hood has appeared in the
    aftermarket on just about every modern Mopar – from the Dakota to the Neon to
    the Chrysler 300 – but according to Allpar there will soon be a factory Shaker
    option.  For those who are reading this
    but are somehow unfamiliar with the Shaker hood, it is the setup shown above
    where a scoop attaches to the engine and pokes through the hood, helping the
    engine to suck in the coolest air possible.

    During the Chrysler Group dealership convention earlier this
    week in Las Vegas, among the unveilings was a Shaker hood system coming to the Dodge
    Challenger.  It is unclear whether this
    new factory-offered hood option will be part of a trimline or special edition
    package or if the Shaker scoop and hood system will be offered strictly as an
    add-on through the Mopar aftermarket parts catalog.  In any case, we can expect a factory quality
    Shaker hood setup to be a major success when it arrives.

    As a side note, when the original Shaker hood came to the
    Chrysler lineup in the early 1970s, it was prevalent on two models – the Dodge
    Challenger and the Plymouth Barracuda.  With
    the recent rumors that the next generation 2-door Mopar muscle car will be
    badged an SRT Barracuda rather than a Dodge Challenger SRT8, you have to wonder
    if the Barracuda will come with a standard Shaker hood while the parts to build
    a Shaker-equipped Challenger will come via the Mopar catalog.

    Source: Allpar