2012-ram-1500-front.jpgPickupTrucks.com, an authoritative Website for pickup truck news and information, has named the Ram 1500 the winner of its Best $30,000 Pickup Truck Shootout. Despite being pitted against four other value trucks with significant differences, the Ram 1500 found its way to the top for its balance of price, performance and features. 

    Other trucks competing included the Chevy Silverado 1500 Extended Cab,
    Ford F-150 Regular Cab, Nissan Titan King Cab and Toyota Tundra Double
    Cab, but the Ram 1500 bested the bunch.

    “This shootout was all about best-bang-for-your-buck,” said Mark
    Williams, PickupTrucks.com editor. “With money being a major concern for
    everyone right now and pickup trucks being the best-selling vehicles in
    the country, it was important for the focus of this shootout to be
    about value over anything else.”

    The five trucks were tested over four days with the purpose of measuring
    all the needs of truck buyers including towing capacity, performance,
    handling, styling and fuel economy. The testing included:

        -An assessment of each truck’s bed, interior comfort and overall style
        -Driving tests to determine handling and performance on rough terrains
        -0-60 tests with trucks loaded and unloaded to gauge power
        -A 169-mile fuel economy route
        -Testing of payload capacity on 7-percent grade

    “Because of the uniqueness of this shootout, it was important to put
    these five trucks through a diverse range of tests,” Williams said. “We
    not only wanted to look at performance aspects like braking,
    acceleration and zero to 60 mph, but also at overall value–what truck
    gave the most capabilities, creature comforts and fewest compromises for
    our set $30,000 price tag.”

    Closely following the winning Ram 1500 was the Toyota Tundra in second.

    “The Ram was the overall winner because rather than being a standout in
    any one category, it did well across the board,” said Williams. “In a
    contest so focused on value, the truck that does well in the most
    overall categories is likely to come out on top. The Ram not only
    outperformed the other four trucks, but it also has the fewest
    sacrifices or compromises feature-wise, that’s exactly why it won.”

    To see more detailed results and shootout information visit www.PickupTrucks.com.

    Obviously, the competition pales in comparison. But specifically, what is it about a Ram 1500 that’s better than the above mentioned trucks? Sound off in the forum!