by Patrick Rall

    Do you want to race across the country in a new Dodge or Ram product?

    Introducing the Mopar MoVenture – a cross country road rally and scavenger hunt that pits 10 teams of Mopar enthusiasts head to head, racing across the country in a brand new Chrysler Group product.

    The Mopar MoVenture begins on July 15th, 2011 in Detroit and spans
    one week, ending on July 22nd in Golden, Colorado at the Mile High
    Nationals NHRA event

    These ten teams of two will be issued a 2011/2012
    Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep or Fiat product and sent across the country,
    competing in a variety of challenges against the other teams of Mopar
    diehards, with the first team to arrive in Golden winning $5,000 in Mopar
    prizes.  Not only will Chrysler issue you the vehicles needed to get
    from Detroit to Golden, but they will cover all of your expenses
    (hotels, food, gas) as you make your way to the Mile High Nationals –
    which is also covered by Chrysler.

    Chrysler is accepting
    applications right now and taking your shot is simple.  All you have to
    do is pair up with another Mopar enthusiast and make a 2 minute long
    video explaining why your team should be picked to participate in the
    MoVenture.  In this video, you should emphasize your love of the
    Chrysler Group products and your capacity to use social networking
    tools, as Chrysler hopes to see plenty of Tweeting and Facebook posting
    along the way as the teams update their friends and followers. 

    hasn’t offered an exact idea as to what to expect along the way, but on
    the MoVenture website they mention “off-roading in the wilderness, to
    partying like rockstars… and maybe cow roping”.  Also, in speaking with a
    representative from Mopar, DodgeForum was informed that two of these
    challenges will take place on closed circuit race courses.  That is a
    little vague, but it suggests that there could be some high speed fun in
    the safe confines of a race track!

    Entries are being accepted
    until June 29, at which point no more videos will be accepted.  From
    there, the general public will be voting on their favorite Mopar
    MoVenture application videos, with the top 25 (five from each of the five
    Chrysler Group brands) advancing onto the second round of voting. Then a
    panel of carefully picked judges will review those 25 videos and pick
    the top 10 based on creativity, uniqueness of story and Mopar enthusiasm
    – with those 10 videos making up the 10 teams who will race from
    Detroit to Colorado.

    The winning team to reach Colorado after
    completing the challenges along the way will receive $5,000 in Mopar
    parts and accessories, along with entry to the Mile High Nationals and a chance to drive a new Chrysler product across the country
    without spending a dime of your own.  Just getting to be one of the 10
    teams is like a prize in itself, but for one of those 10 lucky teams,
    they will go home with $5,000 in Mopar goodies in addition to what
    should amount to a great week.

    So, find a buddy who loves Mopars
    as much as you do and get working on that video…you have less than two
    weeks to get your entry into the voting!

    For more information on the Mopar MoVenture, go to www.mopar.com/moventure/.