RM012_018TF.jpgYesterday we brought you the news about the new Ram 2500
    CNG, making the Ram brand the first automaker to offer a factory production compress
    natural gas truck and today we bring you some of the specs on the CNG Hemi
    heavy duty Ram.

    The immediate advantage of the Ram 2500 CNG is that compressed
    natural gas (CNG) is quite a bit less expensive than gasoline while also being
    70-90% less polluting than a traditional Hemi running on straight gasoline.  Most importantly, there is only a slight
    difference in the power of the 5.7L Hemi when running on CNG compared to when
    the engine is on normal gasoline, with the 383 horsepower dropping by about 10%
    when running on the clean natural gas.

    Chrysler claims that the Ram 2500 CNG has a range on just compressed
    natural gas of 255 miles and with the aid of the 8 gallon gas tank, the CNG Ram
    should have a total range of around 367 miles. 
    The new Ram holds the equivalent of 18.2 gallons of CNG with another 8
    gallons of gas for when you can’t find a station that sells CNG – when
    factoring in the 367 mile gives you an average fuel economy figure of 14mpg.

    In college, I had the pleasure of working with a fleet of
    full sized Dodge Ram Vans with 5.9L Magnum engines that included models that
    ran strictly on compressed natural gas. 
    Shy of the unusual refueling procedure, there was no noticeable difference
    in the power out between a van running on CNG and a van running on
    gasoline.  I can also tell you that the
    rear wheel drive CNG Ram Vans would do some intense, smokey burnouts.  The Hemi running on CNG should be every bit as awesome as the ones running just on gasoline.

    Depending on the growth of the natural gas refueling
    infrastructure, the Ram 2500 CNG could be a trend setter in the heavy duty
    truck segment with this alternative fuel solution.