The 2008 SEMA Show brought us the Dodge Ram R/T concept, a sexy
    sport truck finished in B5 Blue with wheels, a tonneau cover, exhaust,
    and a body kit to set it apart from a standard Dodge Ram and this year
    Dodge followed suit with the Dodge Ram Bianco.  The Bianco is intended
    to be a sporty luxury truck, but many of the styling cues are taken
    from the R/T concept.

    Although this Ram is a quad cab, you see a
    similar body kit and tonneau on the Bianco and the wheels of the Bianco
    look suspectly like the same wheels on last year’s Ram R/T.  Inside,
    the Bianco offers custom Katzkin leather seats finished in black and
    white, proudly showing off the Mopar logo.

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