lower 40.JPG

    I brought you all a few images of the radical Mopar Jeep Lower Forty
    right before SEMA (click here to read the original article), with this
    Hemi powered JK wearing a unique body and 40″ tires with the stock
    suspension setup. 

    Mopar did this to show off the capabilities of the
    Jeeps standard suspension with just a little work-so long as you
    consider hacking apart your Jeep to make room for 40″ tires a little

    Sure, the Lower Forty might not be the ideal commuter
    vehicle, but it does make for one bad ass concept and in the end, it is
    a great deal more realistic than the twin Hemi powered Hurricane

    This vehicle drew constant attention at the Jeep end of the
    2009 Mopar display and while there is little chance of the Lower Forty
    ever seeing production it is still a great concept vehicle for Mopar.

    Click here for a gallery from HighHorsepowerPhotography.com with more pictures of
    the Mopar Jeep Lower Forty and stay tuned to the Detroit Autos Examiner
    for continuing coverage of the 2009 SEMA Show and other automotive news!