dart gts 210 tribute.jpgChrysler execs have long teased and hinted at the future existence
    of an SRT variant of the sporty new Dodge Dart sedan but while speaking
    recently with Automobile Magazine, Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne
    confirmed that the Dart SRT is on the way. 
    As he put it, the main question right now is “how big an engine we
    stick in it.”

    Since the day that the 2013 Dodge Dart met the world in
    January at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, the Mopar world has been demanding a
    high performance version from the Street and Racing Technology brand.  There have been quite a few spyshots of what
    appeared to be a modified Dart presumed to be the SRT variant but Sergio’s
    comments are the first positive confirmation that it is definitely on the way.

    Right now, there are four engines that power the 2013 Dodge
    Dart in various forms – that’s right – 4. 
    The 2.0L Tigershark naturally aspirated engine is the standard mill in
    all trimlines with the exception of the upcoming Dart R/T and Dart Aero.  That engine makes 160hp and 148lb-ft of
    torque but those buyers of the SE, SXT, Rallye or Limited Dart models can opt
    for the 1.4L Turbocharged MultiAir engine that makes 160hp and 184lb-ft of torque.  The 2013 Dart R/T is powered by the 2.4L
    Tigershark engine that makes 184hp and 171lb-ft of torque but with that same
    engine, the Dart GTS 210 Tribute makes 210hp with only a cold air intake,
    exhaust system and a tune.

    The fourth engine – and the one most alike the engine that
    could power the Dodge Dart SRT4, is the 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
    that powers the Dodge Dart Rally Car driven by Travis Pastrana.  While we surely cannot expect the Dart SRT4
    to pack the same 600 horsepower and 550lb-ft of torque that Pastrana uses to
    run in the Global RallyCross world, that engine could offer us a look at what
    engine SRT might use to make the 300 or so horsepower needed to make the Dart
    SRT4 as much of a hit as the Neon SRT4 was years ago.

    We can expect that whatever engine the Street and Racing
    Technology division picks for the Dart SRT4 will be mated to a manual
    transmission but there could also be an efficient dual-clutch unit that allows
    for quick shifts sans the drivetrain loss of most automatics.  In a perfect world, the Dart SRT4 would have
    four cylinders and four wheel drive but realistically, the Dart SRT4 will most
    likely be front wheel drive.

    In addition to the high performance engine and transmission,
    we can also expect the new Dodge Dart SRT4 to feature unique body dressings, an
    improved braking system and a tuned suspension system…all of which may be
    modeled on the Dart GTS 210 Tribute shown above.