The Dodge Challenger Concept debuted as an R/T at the
    Detroit Auto Show, but the 6.1L engine found in the concept had been the
    trademark feature of the SRT lineup, so when the Challenger met the world in
    production form, it followed suit of the other SRT 6.1L vehicles, including the
    SRT aesthetic upgrades associated with the trimline.  The Viper will be seeing the end of its
    production, and there has been no indication of what would become of the V10
    powerplant from the Viper and SRT-10 Rams.


    Well, the boys at SRT must have had some spare time, and the
    fruits of their labor will debut at SEMA 08 in the form of the Dodge Challenger
    SRT-10 Concept.  Under the hood, the
    Viper 8.4L engine packing 600 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, being fed to
    the wheels via the Viper’s 6-speed manual transmission.  Helping the Challenger SRT-10 Concept dig
    through the corners, a set of Bilstein shocks has been added, along with an
    improved braking system.  Like the Viper
    Competition Coupe that has been a familiar show circuit vehicle, the Challenger
    SRT-10 is finished in Tornado Red, with carbon fiber and black accents.  The Concept wears a set of unique, huge
    five-spoke aluminum rims, a vintage styled carbon fiber Shaker hood, a chin
    spoiler, and a black rear spoiler and trunk lid.  Inside, the Challenger SRT-10 Concept sport
    seats with carbon fiber accents all around the interior.


    While the likelihood of seeing this 600 horsepower factory
    Challenger see production is pretty low, there is no question that this is
    clearly one of the sexiest Concept SRT has thrown out there, and with the Viper
    leaving the lineup and the Challenger R/T getting a jump in horsepower, the
    current SRT8 Challenger could use a little boost to separate itself from the
    non-SRT models. 


    Could this V10 monster be Dodge’s next flagship performance
    car?  Ford continues to dabble in the art
    of high performance Mustangs and Chevy has a handful of super high powered
    engines (LS9) sitting around with rumors flying around one of those finding its
    way into a new Camaro, so there’s no reason why Dodge couldn’t offer these up
    in limited numbers.  Sure, there are
    reasons like the slumping economy and questionable fuel prices, but from
    strictly a gearheads view, the Dodge Challenger SRT-10 Concept is one of the
    coolest concepts in years, and this package could put the Challenger atop the
    muscle car war.

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