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    Since the Viper was slated for an end to its production,
    rumors have soared about what was to come of this iconic Mopar machine.  Last week, Chrysler mentioned that there were
    a few interested buyers lined up, but gave no indication as to who those people
    might be.  The recent announcement that
    Dodge will be building the next Nissan Titan, combined with rumors from a while
    back that Nissan might become involved with the Viper at some point would lead
    some to believe that Nissan Motors (who has a long history of high performance
    cars in Europe and Asia) might be as

    The idea of GM, Toyota,
    or Nissan building (and maybe badging) the mighty Viper makes most Dodge
    enthusiasts sick, but how about a Viper built by Roush or Saleen?  A recent announcement made two interested
    buyers known, and for Dodge lovers, the news isn’t SO bad.  Both of these companies have made a great
    reputation for themselves, predominantly by building ultra-high performance
    Mustangs over the last 20 or so years and have deep American roots.  Steve Saleen began by building road-race
    ready Ford vehicles, and Jack Roush has a long history in NASCAR, but more
    recently the company is known for their Roush Mustangs.

    There is no indication as to whether Chrysler is leaning a
    certain way with the sale of the Viper, but it sounds as though while the buyer
    is still unknown, the sale sounds imminent. 
    Chrysler has gone so far as to state that they expect to make 50-150
    million dollars on the sale of the model, regardless of who buys the name.  Making matters worse for those who don’t want
    to see the Viper name leave the Dodge lineup, Chrysler has even turned the sale
    over to a third party, and with Lazard Limited now handling the sale, this is far
    more than Dodge just fishing around to see what they might get.