2013 sprint cup charger.jpgThis past weekend, SRT Motorsports (formerly Dodge
    Motorsports) used the NASCAR stop in Las Vegas to unveil the 2013 Dodge Charger
    Sprint Cup car.  Thanks to the lighter
    restrictions on race car body design by NASCAR, the SRT team was able to design
    a Sprint Cup car that actually looks like the gorgeous 2012 Charger driving around
    American roads–especially across the front end and sides.

    First off, the distinct, aggressive design of the 2012 Dodge
    Charger front end is clearly present on the 2013 Charger Sprint Cup car, with
    the grille section protruding a bit and holding an actual crosshair grille–not just a decal.  Below the crosshair,
    we have a functional large central air intake opening with faux foglight
    housings on the outer edges of the lower front fascia. The hood also has the scalloping similar to the
    current production Charger. Down the sides,
    the 2013 Charger Sprint Cup racer features more unique body shaping with the
    body lines similar to the road car. 

    The current and previous Dodge Chargers (or Avengers) in the
    NASCAR Sprint Cup have only looked like the road-going vehicles superficially. NASCAR’s attempt to make
    things as uniform as possible has forced all of the cars to be shaped so
    similar that they all look very much alike, but that will change vastly when the
    2013 Dodge Charger debuts next year in the NASCAR Sprint Cup. 

    There is no question that the new 2013 Charger stock car
    looks amazing. Hopefully, the SRT
    Motorsports crew can find someone to drive them.

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