MP012_023MB.jpgThe Chrysler Group has just announced that when the 2013
    Dodge Dart hits dealerships later this year, it will be the first vehicle in the
    American auto industry to offer wireless charging for cell phones, iPods and
    other portable electronic gadgets.  This wireless
    charging system joins a long list of industry firsts introduced by the Chrysler
    Group over the past few years with other “firsts” including vehicle information
    applications for smartphone users, an electronic vehicle tracking system,
    built-in Wi-Fi and electronic owner’s manuals.

    The way that the wireless charging system in the 2013 Dodge
    Dart is very simple – saving you the hassle of carrying around a charging wire
    in your vehicle.  At the bottom of the
    center stack and just in front of the shifter, there is a bin with an
    integrated power grid in the “floor” of that special compartment (shown in the
    image above).  The owner of the new Dart
    can place their iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, iPod or other personal electronic
    devices in a special case that is included with the system.  When the car is started, simply setting the
    phone or MP3 player in the bin activates the charging system and away you
    go.  No need to plug in your phone to
    have it charge while driving.

    Chrysler has not stated whether this new wireless charging
    system for the 2013 Dodge Dart will be optional across the entire Dart lineup
    or if it will come standard in highline models. 
    However, Chrysler has announced that it will carry an MSRP of $199.99
    plus the cost of installation.  Two
    hundred bucks is a healthy chunk of change for a cell phone charger but for
    those new Dodge Dart owners who spend lots of time stuck in traffic each day –
    their cell phone will remain charged with the help of their sexy new Dart

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