Funny man Adam Carolla’s latest adventure, The Car Show, promises to be the “perfect mix of comedy, shop talk and eye candy”, when it premiers tonight at 10pm Eastern on SPEED channel. Or at least that’s what the press release promises. And judging from the above clip, the press release might just be right!

    Aside from the promised perfect mix, why should you watch The Car Show, as opposed to some other car show
    that features funny guys, awesome cars, epic driving adventures and the
    best of automotive culture? Well, for one, the hosts aren’t British.

    jokes aside, The Car Show promises to offer a unique perspective that
    SPEED is hoping will strike a chord — specifically, the perspective of
    Corolla and his co-hosts: Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive journalist
    Dan Neil; TheSmokingTire.com founder Matt Farah; and former NBA Champion John Salley.

    show features the guys racing sub-500 dollar cars in the “24 Hours of
    Lemons”, a trip to the Mojave Mile to drive a Porsche GT3 RS, a road
    test in the quarter million dollar Rolls-Royce Ghost, and special guest,
    Jimmie Johnson.

    For more information, click here. Or tune into SPEED, tonight at 10pm EST.