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    The Dodge Charger hit the market a few years back and was an
    instant hit with the public.  The roomy
    sedan was not what every Dodge lover was hoping for, but along with a popular
    performance sedan, the Charger also proved to be a great replacement for the
    Intrepid in Dodge’s police car program. 
    The Ford Crown Victoria had long been the norm for police departments
    around the US, as their V8 was far more powerful than the 3.5L V6 found in the
    Intrepid, but when the Charger police models became available, the 5.7L Hemi
    made the new Charger a popular choice over the Crown Vic.


    The 2009 Dodge Charger, like other Hemi-powered models will
    receive a boost in power, now offering 368 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque,
    making the Charger an even better choice for high speed pursuit.  But rising gas prices and growing concerns
    about fuel economy have caused many to question the police using V8 vehicles,
    but Dodge has addressed that as well, with their Multiple Displacement System
    (MDS).  Previously unavailable on the
    police models, the MDS offers around 20 percent better fuel economy over a
    non-MDS model, so along with a bump in power, the Charger is also friendlier on
    the tax payers when at the pumps.  So,
    not only is the Charger one of the more efficient V8 powered cars in its class,
    but the police variant surpasses all of its competitors in power, acceleration,
    and top speed.

    Along with being the most powerful of the options available
    to police departments, the Charger also packs a handful of high tech goodies
    that assist in the vehicles handing during high speed pursuits or just day to
    day operations in poor weather conditions. The Charger’s Electronic Stability
    Program uses anti-lock brakes, all-speed traction control, Yaw Sensor, and a
    Steering Angle Sensor to make the Charger handle well regardless of the
    weather; and four-wheel independent suspension and police performance-tuned
    steering allow the Charger police models to take even the toughest corners at
    pursuit speeds.


    The Charger police models have a wide variety of features
    that are also standard on the citizen issued models, but the interior of the
    police models has been modified to make them more comfortable and more
    functional for the officer.  The shifter,
    which is mounted on the console for regular models, has been moved to the
    steering column to make more room in the front passenger area and the front
    seats are wider and better padded to give officers in full uniform a more
    comfortable ride.


    While running from the police is always a bad idea, Dodge
    has taken steps to ensure that those who do make the foolish decision will be
    far less likely to get away, and at the same time they’ve made the awesome
    Charger police model friendlier to the environment.