2012 dodge avenger rt.JPGDuring a discussion with Automobile Magazine, Chrysler Group
    CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that the Dodge Avenger and Dodge Durango will
    both be killed off in the near future as part of the effort to remove
    redundancies among the brands. Recently, we learned that the Dodge Grand
    Caravan would be spared as the Chrysler Town & Country would be the minivan
    meeting its end but, sadly, the Avenger and the new Durango appear to be on the
    chopping block.

    The Chrysler 200 is expected to get a refresh in the next
    few years that will include the addition of a new coupe model in addition to
    the sedan and convertible but there will be no Dodge version of the new
    midsized Chrysler 200 sedan.  The Avenger
    will likely run alongside the 200 until the current generation comes to an end
    but with the next generation expected to arrive as early as the 2013 calendar
    year – the Avenger’s time may be short lived.

    The next generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to
    arrive around 2016 and when it does, the Dodge Durango will not come along for
    the ride.  While the new Dodge Durango
    has proven itself to be undeniably more popular than the previous generation,
    the Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most successful sport utility vehicles in
    the American market so if they are going to kill off one of them – you can bet
    that it won’t be the Grand Cherokee.

    The expected demise of the Dodge Durango is still a few
    years off so plans for the roomy Dodge ute could change before 2016 but with
    the new Chrysler 200 coming much sooner and months of rumors that the Avenger
    would be removed from the lineup – it appears as though the Avenger’s fate is