darttexas4.jpgLate last week, the first batch of new 2013 Dodge Dart
    compact sedans were assembled at Texas Motor Speedway for dealership
    representatives from around the southwestern US to come experience the new car.  At the end of the presentation, reps from
    roughly 250 Chrysler Group dealerships around the southwest each took one of
    the specially marked Dodge Darts back to their area where this first vehicle
    would serve as the dealer demonstration model. 

    A similar program will go on at other locations around the
    nation as the first batch of 2013 Dodge Darts arrives in showrooms over the
    course of the next few weeks – with the first large scale rollout for customer
    purchase coming in July.


    This first batch of 2013 Dodge Dart sedans are not intended
    for sale to the customer but dealerships are reportedly permitted sell these
    units if the price is right.  Since they
    are serving as dealer demonstration models, all of these 250 Dart sedans sport
    unique decals on the sides and hood prominently displaying the name and logo of
    the sporty new C segment compact.  Based
    on the pictures provided by Chrysler, it appears as though all of these first
    Darts are Rallye models in Redline 2-Coat Pearl exterior paint (bright red)
    with two large blacked out areas on the hood also sporting the Dart logo.

    While these standoffish decals might discourage the average
    consumer from buying these particular 2013 Dodge Dart sedans, these first units
    could be quick collectable items for diehard Dodge fans so it will be
    interesting to see how many dealerships are willing to let these leave the lot
    in the hands of a private owner – at least before the full wave of production
    units arrives next month.