moventure.jpgby Patrick Rall

    Friday night, at the Walter P Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the ten lucky teams of two picked to compete in the cross country rally race known as the MoVenture came together for the first time – getting a chance to meet their competition as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with the new Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Fiat and Jeep vehicles in which they will spend the next week.  The teams got to check out their new Chrysler Group vehicle and enjoy a dinner with their opponents and a group of Mopar enthusiasts who came out to see them off. 

    On Saturday, the ten teams set out from the Detroit area for
    destinations unknown upon the rally race that will take them from the
    Motor City to the Mile High Nationals
    in Denver over the next week – with 7 days packed full of driving their
    new Mopar vehicles across the country as they compete in a variety of
    challenges and tasks along the way.  The teams have no idea what awaits
    them along the way but they know that whoever reaches the Mile High
    Nationals first (after completing all of the mandatory challenges) will
    receive $5,000 in Mopar parts and accessories!

    There are two
    teams representing each of the five major Chrysler Group brands, with a
    color assigned to each team.  The teams will race across the country,
    logging over 1,900 miles in a week. While getting to the Mile High
    Nationals as fast as possible is the overall goal, the MoVenture is more
    about finding the fastest route from point a to point b and completing
    the challenges the fastest – but speeders will be punished by having
    points removed and their speeds will be tracked via GPS locators.  Along
    the way, the teams will be strongly encouraged to chronicle their
    MoVenture via social media and Mopar has even put up a special page on
    their website where you can track the progress of the team.  Click here to have a look at the competitors, including the current point totals.


    Ram brand is represented by a 1500 Outdoorsman Crew Cab by the orange
    team and a 1500 Sport Crew Cab by the white team.  The orange team is
    comprised of Chris and Jefferson, of Stillwater Oklahoma and the white
    team is formed by Chris and Sean of Troy, Michigan.

    The Dodge
    brand is represented by a pair of Chargers, one packing the Pentastar V6
    for the green team and one powered by the 5.7L Hemi for the red team. 
    The green team is formed by husband and wife Susan and Craig of
    Burlington Kentucky while the red team is formed by Gil and Mike from
    Honolulu Hawaii.

    The Chrysler brand is represented by a new 200
    Limited powered by the Pentastar V6 for the blue team and the new Hemi
    powered 300C by the purple team.  The blue team piloting the Chrysler
    200 is formed by Keith and Derek of Colerain, Ohio and the purple team
    Ben and Chris – brothers who live in Phoenix and Detroit, respectively.

    Jeep brand is represented by new Grand Cherokee for the yellow team and
    the Wrangler Unlimited for the black team.  The yellow team is
    comprised of Lisa and Garrett of Warren, Vermont and the black team is
    made up of Mandy and Jane of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Last but
    certainly not least is the Fiat brand, which is represented by the grey
    team and the brown team in a pair of Fiat 500 Sport models.  The grey
    team is formed by Berry and Jennifer of Addison, Texas and the broken
    team features Wendy and Eric, from Phoenix Arizona.

    Stay tuned to
    DodgeForum.com for continuing coverage from the MoVenture, as we keep
    close tabs on the Charger and Ram models that are representing the Dodge
    and Ram brand that we at DodgeForum love so much!  Also, if you are
    keen on social media, click here to see the feed from all parties involved with the MoVenture.

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