dodge dart rally screen shot df.jpgKen Block’s videos showing him tearing through various
    settings in his rally cars are awesome but you know what is even awesomer?  Watching Travis Pastrana put the new Dodge
    Dart Rally Car through similar paces for the first time courtesy of the short
    video below. 

    Since the new Dodge Dart rally program featuring
    championship rally driver Travis Pastrana was introduced last week, we didn’t know
    exactly what the new Dart rally car would look like (or sound like) but thanks
    to the first video of Pastrana and his 600 horsepower all wheel drive Dart
    rally car in action–we know more about the new SRT Motorsports race program.

    First and foremost, the video shows very clearly how awesome
    the new Dodge Dart rally car is as Travis Pastrana tears around the tarmac and
    dirt roads of the Chrysler Chelsea Proving Grounds.  From the first time we hear the 600
    horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine roar to life, it is like sweet music
    to a modern Mopar-lovers ears.  Seeing
    the new Dart rally car sliding through turns, tearing through the dirt and
    slamming through a deep puddle (that tears off the back bumper) is a great
    precursor to what Pastrana will be doing with the Dart in the upcoming Global RallyCross
    series starting in late May.

    Another interesting thing that we learn from this Dodge Dart
    rally car video is the sponsors of the new race team.  Pastrana has brought the Red Bull Racing
    sponsorship with him from his previous ventures and tire retail giant Discount
    Tire joins the energy drink to assist Travis in his first season with Dodge and

    Anyways, enough with the chatter…check out the video below
    of the new Dart rally car in action!