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Pressure Release Valve/ Plug + Grommet

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Old 06-28-2008, 12:07 AM
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Default Pressure Release Valve/ Plug + Grommet

I recently became a dodge owner. Bought a 1995 Dakota so I could start going fishing again. I bought this truck used and it seemed kinda slugish but it was a good deal so I bought it. While driving it one day, it died on the road. I believed it to be the fuel pump. I bought the fuel pump from Advance Auto Parts. It is an Airtex Fuel Pump. I took of the bed of the truck instead of dropping the fuel tank. I think it is easier to work on it that way. There is a particular part that is the Pressure Release Valve/ Plug + Grommet that is suppossed to be kept off the old fuel pump and put on the new fuel pump. The seals on mine did not hold up while trying to reinstall it on the new fuel pump. I am going to go to some junkyards and see if I can find one. I don t want the same thingto happen again. Another problem that has become associated with this dilema is that there is an inlet line and an outlet line on this pressure release valve. The inlet line was fine, but on the outlet line it had electrical tape and had a nut with a hose clamp stuck on it. I do not know what is suppossed to go on the other end of the Pressure Release Valve. This valve plugs into the hole that is on the fuel pump. It is possible to see that hole on autozone website but not advance auto.

What I am essentially asking are a few things.

1. A website named has something listed as a fuel tank vent valve is this the same thing? It is only 16 dollars new.....

2. What goes on the other end of the Pressure Release Valve? I want to make it right....

3. Have any of you had a similar problem? I searched and did not come up with any results....

4. If any of you happen to have pictures of a Dakota without the bed on it so I could see what I need that would be helpful.

Thank you in advance,

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Old 06-28-2008, 01:24 AM
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Default RE: Pressure Release Valve/ Plug + Grommet

Fromwhat I can see the pressure relief valve goes to a fuel vapor tube, and I believe that part you found is the same thing you thought it was
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