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Where is the starter located? 2000 SLT 5.9L

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Old 02-23-2008, 10:41 AM
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Default Where is the starter located? 2000 SLT 5.9L

Search Forum (Durango and Dakota)- check
Google the World - check
Purchase Hanes Repair manual - check

And I *still* don't know where the starter is!!!!

So, I want to take it off and get it tested at Autozone. The Hanes manual says it is next to the bellhousing (huh?) There's a wiki that says it is at the rear of the engine. Engines are a bit mysterious to me, however, I can un bolt things and just need a little help in locating the starter (or even what it looks like!)

I've read quite a few threads and have determined that the starter is the likely culprit (pleny of battery juice..lights, heater, radio...etc). I get a single click and nothing else (except lights, rado, et al).

So, where, oh where, can my starter be...?

2000 SLT 5.9L
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Old 02-23-2008, 11:13 AM
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Default RE: Where is the starter located? 2000 SLT 5.9L

the bellhousing is where the "dome" where the engine meets the transmission

Save these images, they will give you a step by step... they are from a 2002 service manual, but MOST of the stuff is the same between the years 2000 and 2002





2000 Durango SLT
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Old 02-23-2008, 01:26 PM
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Default RE: Where is the starter located? 2000 SLT 5.9L



Set the emergency brake. Jack up the drivers side and remove the drivers side tire. Toward the left on the inside of the wheel well is a small panel. Remove the panel. This is so you can get to the brake balancer but this opens up a great view of the starter. There is a large wire leading to the starter (Battery Cable) and a couple of smaller ones. Disconnect the wires. Then there should be 3 large bolts. Remove these to remove the starter. The starter is very heavy. I found it easer to remove the starter by turning it sideways and removing it through the opening where you are working in the drivers side wheel well. The splash guards will move a little allowing removal between the frame and the body.

Installation is reverse. I would recommend buying a manual! I like the Chilton series.

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Old 02-23-2008, 05:55 PM
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Default RE: Where is the starter located? 2000 SLT 5.9L

Thanks for your help and the links.

I'm simply not getting this. I'm having trouble seeing what these diagrams andthe pictures in the hayes are pointing out. It is as though I am blind to what is right in front of my face. I have the wheel off and have removed an access panel (though it is to the right of the wheel, not the left...I cannot see one to the left of the wheel). I've crawled under the vehicle and can't make out what I'm looking for.

I feel like I'm taking an IQ test and everything is upside down and backwards an I'm to pick out the corresponding object A, B, C or D

Since one has to drive to work, I don't really wish to have to take it in for what appears to be a relativey straight forward task (once I figure out what it actually is I'm to remove)

hdrashocker...I do have a manual but the picture is so close up that i'm not sure what i'm looking at.

I am trying though!
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Old 02-23-2008, 06:27 PM
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Default RE: Where is the starter located? 2000 SLT 5.9L

ok...I passed the IQ test!! Yes, a simple google of the part yeilded some lovely CAD pics which helped greatly in locating the part.

However, it did not bode well for the cold, salty, locked on tight bolts that are refusing to come off. So, with salty snow in my hair and mouth, bloody knuckles from rapping against cold steel and a runny nose I have to give up for the night as my garage transitions from the low 20sF to the high teens.

Perhaps tomorrow and hopefully not the mechanics (which means I have to be creative getting to work for a few days (not too mention a few hunnerd in markups and mechanics time
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