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Old 08-10-2015, 04:54 PM
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Parking lights won't turn off

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Old 05-24-2008, 09:06 PM
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Default Parking lights won't turn off

Hey all, I've seen this same question posted before and noone posted any ideas. Now my sons Durango is doing the same thing. He came out thisafternoon and his parking lights and dash lights were on and won't shut off. When he tried using thelight intensity rheostaton the headlight switch to try and turn off thedash lights the windshield wipers came on. I've found similar issues onthis and other forums and the replies lead to the CTM.I'm not convinced the problem is the CTM in this case since there are no other problems...door locks work, chimes work, etc. All the posts that were diagnosed as the CTM were component failure issues or involved all or most of the items controlled by the CTM. The wipers work perfect utilizing their switch. Only issue really, is the parking lightsand dash lights not turning off. Disconnected battery for 15 minutes, no joy. Fuses good. ***anyone know if there is another relay with same rating I can have him switch with to trouble shoot?***
Not sure if it is relevant or not but he said they had just had a bad lightening storm roll through. Any ideas?
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Old 05-25-2008, 12:12 AM
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Default RE: Parking lights won't turn off

The relays are under the hood in the fuse box drivers side. Most are the same and can be switched out to help diagnose. Mine even has a extra for this matter.

Could just be the switch.

Maybe have the battery load tested.

Also could be a grounding problem.

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Old 05-26-2008, 03:22 AM
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Default RE: Parking lights won't turn off

mine did the exact same thing a couple of times until I figured it out

mydurango is a 2002 4.7 4X4

if the headlights are on ie. the **** on the dash is turned to the right"on" when you shut the truck off in park ***without turning the switch to the left off** the parking lights will stay on and dash lights, really screwed me up a couple of times i tell you

I really does not make sense at all key not in ignition and power to lights

do the same test yourself, turn headlights on, turn truck off and I guarantee the parking lights/dash will stay on, mine has this quirky thing!!!
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