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Clicking noise and other noise while in 4 wheel drive!!!

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Old 05-18-2011, 09:29 PM
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Default Clicking noise and other noise while in 4 wheel drive!!!

These "f"ing Durangos kill me. Just when I was ready to do the BIG heater core/evap job next week I get hit with this. So I am out in a field and start to get stuck, so I throw the electric switch in 4 wheel drive, get myself out and on dry pavement and just when I go to switch to 2 wheel drive I here this... click, click, click, pop, pop, pop noise when making a right hand turn to go around the corner. I left it in 4 wheel drive for about 100 feet and then I hear this god awful noise similiar to "big tire" noise, follwed by more clicking and some grinding. I brought it home put it on 4 jack stands, started it up, put it in drive, switch to 4HI, and the noise is coming from the front differential (I think). I only say that because I tried to narrow down the noise field area and I feel a little unsafe giving it gas to get the noise to start at a high speed when the jack stands could go at any minute. I did hear alot of clunking noise when I used my hand to hit the brake hard while I looked underneath with a light. The fluid in the front was just changed 2 months ago as well as is up to level. I originally thought it was the hub (sorry) replaced both 2 months ago, then I thought it was the CV half shaft (nope no noise there), u-joints look fine. I do notice a major clicking noise in the front left tire when I make turns that only gets LOUDER as the speed increase!!! Any thoughts???
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Old 05-18-2011, 09:56 PM
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I backed it out of the garage in 4 wheel drive, went to turn right while backing up and heard the noise that sounded like metal clanking together. I put it in drive and strated in a straight line down the street an heard this (best way to describe it). It honestly sound like a squealing belt sound with added metal clicking coming from the front left tire. I know its not the best way to describe a sound but thats the best I can do! It ONLY makes this noise while in 4 wheel drive. Any other time in 2 wheel drive there is ZERO noise. Could this indeed be a driver side CV bad??? I am an electrical mechanic so I do not know if there is a change of pressure torque pressure to the CV when it is in 2 wheel versus 4 wheel drive that can cause this noise.

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Old 05-20-2011, 12:10 AM
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I personally thin this is a Transfer Case issue. Maybe a bad or warn chain or a bad front pinion bearing.

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