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2nd Gen Dodge Ram Forum Glossary, Fluid Capacities & Fluid Types

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Old 06-11-2009, 01:58 PM
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Post 2nd Gen Dodge Ram Forum Glossary, Fluid Capacities & Fluid Types

This is a glossary of some of the phrases and acronyms you may come across while reading this forum. In order to keep it concise and easy to use, if you have a suggestion to be added please PM it to me instead of replying to the thread. Thanks to member Jasonw for his help.

1500, 2500, 3500 - Dodge classifications for a 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton truck, respectively.
14X3 -refers to a round air cleaner element whose dimensions are 14" across by 3" tall. Used as a replacement for the restrictive stock housing.
2WD or 2X4 - Two Wheel Drive
4WD or 4X4 - Four Wheel Drive
42RH or 42RE - Refers to Chrysler automatic transmissions used on certain V6 powered vehicles. The 42RH was used until 1996, when the 42RE was introduced. Also referred to as the A500 transmission.
46RH or 46RE - Refers to Chrysler automatic transmissions used on certain V8 powered vehicles. The 46RH was used until 1996, when the 46RE was introduced. Also referred to as the A518 transmission.
47RH or 47RE - Refers to Chrysler automatic transmissions used on V10 or diesel powered vehicles. The 47RH was used until 1995, when the 47RE was introduced. Also referred to as the A618 transmission.
AAL - Add-A-Leaf, refers to a suspension kit that puts and additional leaf into a spring pack, most often used to either raise the height of a vehicle and/or raise the load capacity.
AATS - Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
ABS - Anti-lock Braking System, designed to control braking and prevent skidding in emergency stopping situations.
ASD relay - Auto Shut Down relay
A/T - in reference to tires this means All Terrain, a tread pattern for general use including off-road. Also, an abbreviation for automatic transmission.
BFG - B.F. Goodrich tire company.
Bolt-on - a product designed to be easily installed without fabrication or modification of existing structures, often using existing hardware and/or mountings. A simple replacement or add-on.
Box - slang for cargo bed.
CAD - Center Axle Disconnect, system used to connect/disconnect the front axle on Dodge trucks from transfer case output.
CAI - Cold Air Intake, a device designed to allow cooler intake air to be used rather than the warm underhood air, resulting in better performance.
Cat - short for catalytic converter.
Cat-back - exhaust system comprised of components from the exit of the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip, usually including the muffler.
CC - Club Cab
CEL - Check Engine Light
Closed Loop - refers to a type of EFI control design, this is a system wherein all engine adjustments (timing, ignition, spark, etc.) are made in response to the monitoring of sensors (TPS, CPS, 02, MAP, etc.) whose feedback are fed to the ECM and used to calculate various performance parameters. This system is more efficient as it reads actual performance data on-the-fly and can adjust for things like engine load, speed, fuel demand, etc. 1997 and later Dodge RAMs use this type of system. (See also Open Loop)
Cowl induction - a type of hood design that allows cool air to be drawn into the engine compartment/intake from the base of the windshield. Most often this is an aesthetic design and is non-operative.
CMP sensor - Camshaft Position Sensor, used by the ECM to determine the position of the camshaft for adjusting various parameters like ignition timing and cylinder firing sequence.
CPS or CKP sensor - Crankshaft Position Sensor, relays crankshaft position to the ECM.
CTM - Central Timer Module.
DD - Daily Driver, refers to a vehicle that is driven daily or almost daily, usually not a weekend project vehicle or dragstrip vehicle.
DIY - Do It Yourself.
DRW - Dual Rear Wheels, also referred to as a Dualie.
ECM, ECU or PCM - Electronic Control Module; Electronic Control Unit; Powertrain Control Module; the main vehicle computer that controls all engine systems.
ECT sensor - Engine Coolant Temperature sensor, relays engine temperature info to the ECM.
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection.
FIPK - Fuel Injection Performance Kit, primarily sold by K&N, this is an air intake system designed to increase performance.
Fuel rail - metal tubing that supplies fuel to the individual injectors.
Headers - type of exhaust made up of individual tubes for each cylinder that provides better performance.
HID - High Intensity Discharge, a type of lightbulb.
IAC - Idle or Intake Air Control, a solenoid mounted on the throttle body used to regulate incoming air at idle.
IAT sensor - Intake Air Temperature sensor, relays intake air temperature readings to the ECM.
ICE - Internal Combustion Engine.
Kegger - refers to the intake manifold design of some Chrysler V8 engines, so called because it resembles a beer keg.
Leveling Kit - usually a simple bolt-on designed to level the front of a truck with the rear.
LB or LWB - Long Bed or Long Wheel Base, refers to those truck models with the longer cargo bed.
Limited Slip - type of differential that provides equal power to both wheels on an axle regardless of traction by means of a clutch pack or other means (see Locker and Posi). Standard equipment on some RAM 4X4 models.
Locker - a differential device that locks axle output to provide power to both wheels regardless of traction. Similar to a posi or limited slip in performance, but uses other mechanical means. Usable only in off-road or limited traction situations.
Longtube - as opposed to shorttube, refers to a type of exhaust header that is longer in length.
MAF sensor - Mass Air Flow sensor, determines the amount of intake airflow and relays it to the ECM (not used).
MAP sensor - Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor relays info regarding intake air pressure/vacuum to the ECM.
M/T - in reference to tires this means Mud Terrain, an aggressive tread pattern designed for mud use. Can also refer to the Mickey Thompson tire brand.
Nerf bars - bolt-on accessory bars used to protect against body damage. Most often side bars, but can also be front end mounted.
NV3500 - A five speed manual transmission used on V6 and some light-duty V8 powered vehicles.
NV4500 - A five speed manual transmission used on some V8 and V10/diesel powered vehicles.
02 Sensor or Oxygen Sensor - a device that monitors the amount of oxygen in an engine's exhaust to determine the degree of combustion and its efficiency in order to cause the PCM to adjust various operation parameters accordingly. Used in Closed Loop EFI systems. Single 02 sensor systems monitor combustion efficiency only. Dual 02 sensor systems monitor both combustion and catalytic converter efficiency. Depending on the design of the exhaust system, there can be either 1, 2 or 4 (CA only) 02 sensors on a vehicle.
OBDI or OBDII - On Board Diagnostics; a diagnostic tool for reading trouble codes stored in the ECM. Type is determined by model year of vehicle and EFI system design.
OD - Over Drive, designates a transmission with a gear that provides a final drive ratio less than 1:1.
Off Road Edition - an option offered on RAM 1500 models consisting of 2" higher suspension lift, special alloy wheels, different steering ratio, front tow hooks, beefed-up front differential, HD charging and cooling upgrades, and insignia.
Open Loop - refers to a type of EFI control design, this is a simple system wherein performance is determined by just a few monitored sensors and controlled by preset parameters stored in the ECM (called maps). Unlike a Closed Loop system, it can not adjust performance on-the-fly as these systems do not include an 02 sensor to monitor exhaust gasses. 1996 and earlier Dodge RAMs use this type of system. (See also Closed Loop).
PCV valve - Positive Crankcase Vent valve.
Plenum - refers to the lower intake manifold plate, where the gasket between it and the intake manifold itself often fails allowing oil and engine vacuum to leak past. Common problem on Chrysler Magnum V8 engines.
Posi - short for positive traction, catchall phrase that refers to any type of differential that sends power to both wheels regardless of traction (see Locker or Limited Slip).
QC - Quad Cab
RAC - Round Air Cleaner (see also 14X3).
Rad - short for radiator.
Roll pan - replacement panel for rear bumper that gives a smooth, contoured look to vehicle rear.
SB or SWB - Short Bed or Short Wheel Base, refers to those truck models with the shorter cargo bed.
Shaker - a hood scoop design that allows cool air to be brought into the intake stream from outside the engine compartment. So called because it is usually mounted to the engine and sticks out through a hole in the hood allowing it to "shake" with engine vibration or torque.
SLT Laramie Edition - a mid-level RAM trim option, also referred to as just Laramie or SLT.
SLT+ Edition - highest RAM trim option that includes leather seating.
Sport Edition - limited edition RAM model easily identified by its distinctive color-matched front and rear bumpers.
ST - standard RAM trim level.
TB - Throttle Body, a device that regulates the airflow into the engine.
TB spacer - a plate used to distance the throttle body further from the intake manifold, supposedly resulting in performance gains. Sometimes also used in conjunction with a 14x3 air cleaner assembly for clearance purposes.
Throw codes - slang for the storing of codes in the ECM relative to monitored system malfunctions.
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor.
Tranny - slang for transmission.
VB - Valve Body, section inside the transmission responsible for hydraulic actuation of shifting circuits.

Engine oil, with filter
V10, 8.0L - 7 quarts [1]
V8, 5.9L - 5 quarts
V8, 5.2L - 5 quarts
V6, 3.9L - 4.5 quarts
Cooling System, Initial Fill
V10 - 26.5 quarts
V8 - 20 quarts
Automatic Transmission, 46RE Initial Fill..........4.1 quarts
Automatic Transmission, 47RE Initial Fill..........4.1 quarts
Automatic Transmission, Total Fill
4 speed 46RE..........11.7 quarts
4 speed 47RE..........17 quarts
Manual Transmission, NV1500.................................4.7 pints
Manual Transmission, NV4500.................................8.1 pints
Manual Transmission, NV5600.................................9.6 pints
Manual Transmission, NV3500 4WD..........................4.3 pints
Manual Transmission, NV3500 2WD..........................4.9 pints
Differential, 4WD With Dana 44 Front (216-FBI).........4.8 pints
Differential, 4WD With Dana 60 Front (248-FBI).........8.5 pints [3]
Differential, 2WD With Dana 60 Rear (248-RBI)..........6.4 pints [2]
Differential, 2WD With Dana 70 Rear (267-RBI).............7 pints
Differential, 2WD With Dana 80 Rear (286-RBI)..........6.8 pints [4]
Differential, 4WD With Dana 60 Rear (248-RBI)..........7.5 pints [2]
Differential, 4WD With Dana 70 Rear (267-RBI)..........7.7 pints
Differential, 4WD With Dana 80 Rear (286-RBI)........10.2 pints
Transfer Case, NV241HD W/ PTO..........................10.4 pints
Transfer Case, NP231, 233....................................2.6 pints
Transfer Case, NV242, 244....................................2.8 pints

[1] After refill check oil level.
[2] Fill no higher than 3/4 inch below plug hole.
[3] Fill no higher than 1/4 inch below plug hole.
[4] Lube level in all axles must not come up to the fill plug
opening. The level must be as follows: FRONT
with 7.25 inch ring gear, 3/4 inch (17mm);
with Dana 44, 1/4 inch (6mm);
with Dana 60, 1/2 inch (12mm). REAR:
with 7.25 inch ring gear, 1/2 inch (12mm);
with 8.25 inch ring gear, 1/4 inch (6mm);
W/ 9.25 inch ring gear, 5/8 inch (15mm);
With Dana, 3/4 inch (17mm).
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Default Dodge Ram Fluid Types

WARNING!!!! This FAQ is not intended to tell what kind of fluids that you like or use, but to tell what kind of fluids (type) the 1994 - 2001 Dodge Ram take and who makes them!
DO NOT take this as gospel! This is something that I have just complied over time! I am human and make mistakes!
ALWAYS refer to your Factory Service Manual before performing any service or repair to your Dodge Ram Truck. The above applies here.

As owners of Dodges, I'm sure that many of us have noticed that our trucks are different to work on than that of a Chevy or Ford. Our beautiful Mopar trucks also take some specialized fluids. A very simple diagram, and one that 99.9% of people get right everyday, but it is nice to have something to refrence and look at. Lets start with the one that everyone changes the most...

Motor Oil - 239 V6, 318 and 360 V8:
Our trucks are take a multi viscosities such as 10W-30 or 5W-30 motor oil that is API ServiceClick the image to open in full size. Grade Certified. An Energy Conserving type oil is reccomended.
10W-30 is preferred from 0*F and up. 5W-30 can be used from 32*F and colder.
Makers of Motor Oil:
Pennzoil, Valvoline, Castrol, Mobil, Shell, Quaker State, Super Tech, Amsoil, etc...You know them!

Transmission Fluid:
ATF+4. DO Not use anything else! And ATF+4 is FULLY SYNTHETIC.
Makers of ATF+4:
Makers of ATF+4 must be fully liscensed by the Center for Quality Assurance (Chrysler) and ATF+4 is a registered trademark to Chrysler LLC. Liscenced brand names include -
Advance Auto Parts ATF+4
Carquest ATF+4
Castrol ATF+4
Chevron ATF+4
Citgo Transgard ATF+4
Coastal ATF+4
Conklin ATF-Xtra Plus ATF+4
Formula Shell ATF+4
Great Wall ATF+4
Havoline ATF+4
MAG 1 ATF+4 Mobil ATF+4
Mobil Super ATF+4
Mopar ATF+4
MotoMaster ATF+4
Northland ATF+4
O’Reilly ATF+4
Parts Master ATF+4
Parts Plus ATF+4
Pennzoil ATF+4
Petro-Canada ATF+4
Quaker State ATF+4
Ravenol ATF+4
Sinopec ATF+4
Super Tech ATF+4
Texamatic DC ATF+4
Ultramax ATF+4
Valvoline ATF+4
So that assures that the Coastal ATF+4 you bought at AutoZone for $3/qt is the same as the MoparClick the image to open in full size. ATF+4 that is $8/qt at the dealer.

Transfer Case Fluid - NV231HD and NV241:
ATF+4. The reason it doesnt take gear fluid is because if the seal between the transmission and transfer case starts to leak, the transmission wouldnt get contaminated by gear fluid, but instead ATF+4.

Front Axle Gear Fluid - Dana 44 and Dana 60:
SAE 75W-140 Synthetic gear fluid that meets MIL-L-2105C and API GL 5 Specifications
Nearly everyone who makes engineClick the image to open in full size. oil has a line of 75W-140.

Rear Axle Gear Fluid - Chrysler 9.25, Dana 60, 70, and 80:
80W-90 gear lubricant in normal conditions
75W-140 Synthetic gear lubricant for heavy duty or trailer towing intended uses.
Both must meet same specifications as above

Power Steering Fluid - All models:
Mopar MS 5931 or equivalent.

Brake Fluid - All Models:
DOT 3.

Most of this was complied from the 2001 and 1999 Dodge Ram Service manual. If you have any questions, comments, or changes, PLEASE send me a private message, like I said, I an human!

Nathan Kent

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