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96 RAM 1500 5.2L Magnum - "Ticking/Tapping" sound while idle?

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Dropped the truck off at a buddies house today. He's going to let me know the overall damage (aka repair, and if the gasket kit will be enough). Should be hearing from him tomorrow or in a few days when I drop off the gasket kit if he gets to it tomorrow.

But thanks for the extra bit of info, makes me feel a bit more optimistic! Will give the Mystic oil a go this time around once we're back up to speed.

As far as I can see the Intake manifold bolts aren't TTY... But if they do end up needing/recommended replaced, I will definitely do so. Trying to do it once, not all the time, haha!

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A good investment for locating an engine noise is a mechanics stethoscope, they're $3 at Harbor Freight and $10 at Advance Auto.

I had a tick that I thought was lifter tick but turned out to be an exhaust leak on a header and the flange between the header and the y-pipe was loose so it wasn't sealed.

Seafoam the intake and it'll let you know if you have an exhaust leak along with cleaning out the intake, valves and the tops of the cylinders at the same time.

To Seafoam it you need a half a can of Seafoam and a bendy straw.
Start the truck then pull the brake booster hose off then immediately plug it with your thumb.
Put the bendy straw in the can of Seafoam and let your thumb up from the hose enough to allow the hose to suck about half the can of Seafoam through the straw.
As soon half the can is in the intake then plug the hose back into the brake booster and shut the truck off.
After 15 minutes you'll start the truck and enjoy the smoke show (do it outside). The smoke will reveal any exhaust leaks, pay attention from the exhaust manifolds down to the catalytic converter and look fast because it won't be billowing smoke for long.
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