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new 2012 Durango pulling to the left

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Old 09-12-2012, 03:41 PM
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Default new 2012 Durango pulling to the left

Hi Guys,
took my new 2012 Citadel V6 home last Friday. Over the weekend I noticed that it pulls to the left, not horribly so but enough to require constant correction. Example, on the Interstate at 50-60 mph if you set the steering wheel straight and let go the car will veer off toward the medium in just a few seconds.
It always pulls to the left - checked the tires and air pressure is OK.
Took it to the dealer, they put on the alignment machine and it came back (big surprise) "All well within spec!"
He is telling me "these new trucks are so sensitive, the slightest little bump or grove will make them veer off."

Anybody know what else the dealer needs to check - I believe them when they say the alignment is within spec. but that doesn't solve my problem.
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Old 09-12-2012, 04:00 PM
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You may want to check out this thread:
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Old 09-12-2012, 06:44 PM
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That thread was about an AWD drifting to the right. My 2012 R/T (RWD) has had zero problem traversing some really lousy streets with joints, cracks, repairs, etc. Zero problems, the steering is positive and never veers, swerves or even trammels. The OP's dealer is either a liar or an idiot, he needs to run away from the guy and try a different dealer. A Jeep dealer may work better and should still service the Durango, worth a try if there is one.

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Old 09-12-2012, 10:50 PM
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The above thread was mine. It took 8 different alignments before my vehicle drove in a seemingly straight line. The tech was going to foreward the alignment results/meaurements to Dodge engineers in case others were reporting similar problems. Take it back and leave it there until they get it right. That said, it seems like there is a lot of us starting to show up with similar problems. This further has me wondering if there is a dud part on these vehicles causing alignment issues. By chance do you also have a steering wheel that wobbles?
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Old 09-14-2012, 02:48 PM
figgity_diggity figgity_diggity is offline
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Interesting. I have the same problem on my '12 Citadel as well. However, the steering wobble was fixed with a re-balance of the tires. It's due to go in for a rear latch replacement next week and I'll have them figure out the alignment issue as well.
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