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3rd Gen Durango 2011 models

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2014 drl

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Old 07-13-2014, 03:53 PM
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Default 2014 drl

So I'm trying to figure out how the daytime running lights work without an extra pair of eyes. These are the two things I found in the manual:
The Daytime Running Lights come on whenever the engine is running, and the transmission is not in the PARK position. The lights will remain on until the ignition is switched to the OFF or ACC position or the parking brake is engaged. The headlight switch must be used for normal nighttime driving.

When this feature is selected, the headlights will turn on whenever the engine is running. To make your selection, touch the “Daytime Running Lights” soft-key, until a check-mark appears next to setting, indicating that the setting has been selected. Touch the back arrow soft-key to return to the previous menu

Of course these things contradict each other. Either you need the car in drive or not. And one implies there are separate DRLs, the other talks about the headlights. So how does this really work? I keep my headlight switch in "auto", but so far I've not seen the headlights or LEDs come on unless I turn on the headlights or parking lights. Of course I have to have my car in Park to do this...

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