Is this a power steering pump bracket flaw??? -

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Is this a power steering pump bracket flaw???

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Old 07-15-2014, 12:58 AM
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Default Is this a power steering pump bracket flaw???

I stated on an earlier post that my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 V10 snapped my power steering pump off the block, shearing two bolts and snapping the bracket off the third. I found the part number, 53032750AA. However, I found that it's discontinued. Then, the guy told me that Mopar recommends replacing the bracket whenever replacing the power steering pump. That would explain a lot, as everyone around here sells the pump and bracket in tandem, but then again, nobody can keep them long enough for me to find them. Don't get me wrong, I would buy a used pump (and bracket) just FOR the bracket if need be, but it seems I just bought the last one that someone had stored on a shelf on the East Coast, in Florida, no less. I took the remnants of my old one to my buddy at my local machine shop, and he said he could build a nearly bulletproof replica, but the price would be above $500. My question is, is this a freak accident? Or, is Mopar right on this one? I can't afford for my tow rig to die forever from lack of a a power steering pump bracket.......
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Old 07-15-2014, 10:35 AM
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I'd just take the broken one & weld nice a strong with some 1/8th plate or take it to a welding shop an have them beef it up then paint it black, seems like a lotta torque on that pump
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Old 07-15-2014, 03:35 PM
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Normally when that happens its because whatever got ripped off locked up and would not spin so the belt grabs it and pulls it till something gives. Had this happen to a water pump and to a few power steering pumps on different cars throughout the years. Even if it free spins now, I would replace The pump.
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Old 07-15-2014, 11:01 PM
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I may have the bracket that you need. The one I have is from an 06 cummins, if you can determine if it will work let me know.
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