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96 caravan cuts off while driving 3.3 L

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Old 11-17-2004, 02:13 AM
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Default 96 caravan cuts off while driving 3.3 L

This van has a new fuel pump and a complete tume-up. Cuts off like the fuel cut off. It will start back up after it is put into park and the key turned all the way off and then restarted. There is no rhyme or reason, it can happen any time. Now it seems to happen 3-4 times a day.I have replaced relays, ERG,Fuel Filter, O2 Sensor's. fuel pump,
STILL JUST CUT OFF WHILE I WAS DRIVING. Not as often as it was before at least not yet. I am so frustriated. Somthing is telling the fuel pump to quit pumping the gas. I wish I could find out what it is. There are no codes to check.
I guess the next thing is the Computer itself. Another 250.00. I will keep posting till I figure it out. Dang it if I have to get a Dodge engineer on the phone. Someone has bound to know. I80.000 miles. Is there such a thing as flashing the computer,pcm?
It seems like the fuel just stops suddenly. I use starter fluid and it will crank sometimes. Most of the time I just have to sit for 10-20 min and it just cranks fine? You cannot hold the key on to start it you seem to have to bump it to get it going again. Lord help me I dont want to trash the starter. My wife just told me that it stopped 3 times today where you had to stop and restart it and 3 times it just came back on while it was coasting, after the engine just stops. The eletrical radio and stuff are not effected when the engine cuts off. The tach just drops to zero.

I am about to blow up. Please Help!!
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Old 12-02-2004, 05:05 PM
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Default RE: 96 caravan cuts off while driving 3.3 L

Sounds exactly like a problem I had with my Acura about 9 months ago. Turned out to be a bad ignition switch.
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Old 12-27-2004, 09:42 PM
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Default RE: 96 caravan cuts off while driving 3.3 L

Hi, I had 2 of these early 90s minivans. One did this EXACT thing and the other one would "pop" under a heavy load at low rpm. Both needed the coil pack replaced. they both gave spark but the spark was weak. I would try a new one. they are about 75 bucks. and fairly easy to get. Yes they both had the 3.3 liter. The one with the same symptoms has about 150,000 miles and the other van has 250,000 miles.

I hope this helps.
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Old 02-16-2005, 02:40 PM
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Default RE: 96 caravan cuts off while driving 3.3 L

My wife's Caravan was doing the same thing. It woould sometimes run 15minutes and sometimes over an hour. Found out it was the fuel pump (ASD) relay overheating.
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