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How to Disable Seat Belt Warning Chime

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Old 03-19-2010, 12:12 PM
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Default How to Disable Seat Belt Warning Chime

How to disable the seat belt Chime (yes I wear my seat belt, but every now and then my wife takes hers off to give the kids a sippy or start to clean up vomit before I can pull over from my daughter who gets car sick)

Have seen steps posted before, but because it failed to mention the steps of "waiting each time you unbuckle the belt to see the warning light, then re buckling and waiting again till the warning light goes off" they did not work

this works for my 2006 dodge grand caravan, but should work for other years and models

here are the steps that I found from

Step 1 Get in the driver's seat of the car. Put the key in the ignition, but don't turn it on. Buckle your seat belt.

Step 2 Pull a bunch of seat belt slack out so you can have some room to work.

Step 3 Turn the key to the on position (you don't need to start the car) and wait for the seat belt warning light to turn off.

Step 4 Unbuckle the seat belt, and wait for the seat belt warning light to go on.

Step 5 Buckle the seat belt and wait for the seat belt warning light to go off.

Step 6 Repeat the above two steps, buckling and unbuckling the seat belt 2 more times ending up with the seat belt buckled. Be sure to wait for the light to turn on or off each time. You must complete this within 60 seconds. If you hear a chime while doing this, turn off the car and start over.

Step 7 Turn off the car. When you do, a single chime will be heard to let you know you have successfully completed the programming. If you don't hear the chime, you'll have to start the entire process over again. This seems absolutely crazy, I know, but that's the way it's done. Good luck!

just some notes: the seat belt warning light will still be lite, but no chime
and most importantly, WARE YOUR SEAT BELTS

Hope this helps someone
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