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Squeaking after new control arm assembly

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Old 05-16-2013, 08:09 PM
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Default Squeaking after new control arm assembly

A couple of weeks ago my mechanic installed a new driver-side lower control arm assembly and bushings on my 2000 Stratus because the old ball joint was trashed. The car drives great now, but it has an annoying squeak that wasn't there before.

The squeak usually only happens for the first 10 seconds or so when I get going. Once I start driving along it goes away. It's worse on warmer and more humid days. Yesterday it was cool and didn't do it at all, today it was hot and did it for about 30 seconds.

It only does this at very slow speeds - like when I'm backing out of a parking space at work and then slowly start moving forward. And again, only when I first get going.

Interestingly it only does it when I'm leaving work (hottest point of the day) and hasn't done it once in the morning as I'm leaving to go to work (coolest part of the day).

I've heard that new bushings can cause a squeak. I just wanted to know if this is anything to be concerned with, if it will eventually go away, or if I should be greasing something

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Old 05-16-2013, 09:09 PM
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lot of times new bushings will be noisy, might break in and quiet down, not much to do with it ,nothing to grease,sometimes trying to spray it with lube or something will make it worse,just keep new ball joint greased if its greasable type
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