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Auto Insurance Quotes for your Dodge

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Live in New York and Drive a Dodge? Save Money on Insurance (Even If You Have a Ticket)

Whether youíre 16 or 60, speeding tickets and traffic violations can happen to the best of us. If you drive a Dodge in New York and have recently received a moving violation, youíre probably worried that your car insurance rates are going to go th ...

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Have a Dodge Car Insurance Policy in Florida? Better Watch Out for Staged Accidents

While insurance fraud as a whole is nothing new in the world of crime, one specific type of insurance fraud has become an increasingly common way for thieves to line their pockets at the expense of law-abiding motorists: Staged Accident ...

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Save on Dodge Ram Insurance in Texas with Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance

If you live in Texas and youíre in the process of looking for car insurance for your new or used Dodge Ram, chances are youíre also looking for ways to save money on your policy. Luckily for yo ...

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Car Insurance Rates in California by Zip Code

Looking for car insurance in California? Wondering what type of rates you might be looking at in your area? Here are sample car insurance quotes from various cities around the state:

  • (Beverly Hills) 90210: $160-$185/month
  • ...
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Dodge Challenger Insurance Rates in California vs New York
Even within the same city, drivers in different zip codes can end up paying different rates to insure their vehicles. And while youíre probably not going to change where you live based on the potential insurance costs, it does help to get a general ...
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Different Insurance Coverage Types for your Dodge Dakota
While most people pay their car insurance bills each month without paying much attention to the different types of coverage they have, savvy Dodge Dakota owners will take the time to understand and examine their car insurance policy to make sure t ...
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Estimating Dodge Ram Ownership Costs
When purchasing a new vehicle, one of the factors that you are going to need to consider is the cost of insuring it. Insurance rates can vary dramatically based on the year, make and model of your car Ė even among relatively similar vehicles. Whil ...
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5 Tips for Getting Gap Insurance Coverage for a Leased Dodge Dakota
Gap insurance for your leased Dodge Dakota is not only a good idea financially, itís often a requirement for purchasing a leased vehicle. Gap insurance refers to an insurance plan that covers the remaining cost of a leased vehicle that you have no ...
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5 Tips for Getting the Lowest Insurance Quotes for Your Dodge Ram
Youíve just purchased a brand new Dodge Ram and youíre itching to take it out on the road to see what it can do. But before you kick up some dust off-roading, youíre going to want to make sure that your new baby is fully insured in case anything h ...
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5 Factors That Affect Dodge Challenger Insurance Rates
When it comes to paying the car insurance premium on your Dodge Challenger each month, itís not always apparent exactly how your insurance rates are calculated and what factors determine the overall cost of your coverage. While it may be easier to ...
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